Region 1

> Digital wildlife inhabit all spaces that people are to be found. As with most wildlife; only through observation can the wider ecosystem be understood. Region 1 is an interactive installation first exhibited at Datum Festival in 2017 that demonstrates how responsive and aware the technology that we carry is of our location and activity. Illustrating how we may be communicating with one another, and bodies unknown, without being aware of the ever circling and expanding ripples we may be making by carrying a phone.

>The installation consists of an array of illuminated crickets, connected via a wired network on the watch for any inadvertent Bluetooth signals a potential visitor may be giving off. As a visitor enters the clearing, their electromagnetic radiation causes the crickets to respond, frantically rearranging to gather around the intruder and illuminate who has entered. As the visitor becomes aware, they can turn off their devices and wander without being seen. Eventually allowing the crickets to return to their peaceful formations and striations, and the visitor to reflect on existence the very real dimension of themselves that they carry around in their pocket.